Friday, June 26, 2009

"I don't just want to be the girl you hooked up with. I want to be the girl you go out with."

Kate is going to have the perfect summer. She plans to take a summer writing class at the U, play tennis with her best friend Laura, and have fun just hanging out. That is, she was going to do those things . . . until her mother decided to take her across the country to stay with her college roommate's family for the summer. Kate's parents have decided to spend the summer apart to evaluate their relationship and she will be with her mother.

Kate is not thrilled to have her summer plans changed. It doesn't get much better when they arrive in Cape Cod and she finds that Sarah, the daughter of their hosts, is not exactly overjoyed to have her as a guest. At first it seems like Kate might have a hard time fitting in, but then she meets Adam. Although Kate has never had a boyfriend, she thinks Adam just might be interested in her. While she continues to write and her parents try to figure out their marriage, Kate attempts to answer one question: is she Girlfriend Material?

I remember that, "Does he like me? Is this going to happen?" feeling of being a teenager. All nervous and crazy! This book tries to capture those moments of wondering that happen when you're young.

Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor was published in May 2009.

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