Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"This time I truly mean it."

I just finished Justine Larbalestier's new book, Liar.

Meet Micah. She's a liar. And she makes no bones about telling you that, right from the start. But she also promises that she is going to tell YOU the truth. But even that truth keeps shifting. The reader never really gets a sense of what is the truth and what is a lie and what is made up. Even after Micah telling us that she really IS telling the truth this time, we wonder. I mean, really. She IS a liar. What is to stop her from lying about lying?

The reader questions her family life, her friends, her relationship with her after hours boyfriend Zach. I can't say much more, because to talk about her lies too much will give away part of her truths too!

This book is due to be a available in October 2009.

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  1. Big "Awwww!" at the fact that you can't reveal anything!