Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coming Soon!

Being a Middle School Librarian IS all it's cracked up to be. Seriously. There isn't a sparkly, pink book that I can't read, always using the disclaimer, "It's for work." It's especially fun to connect the right kid with the right book. This week I have had two girls in looking for the same book, Airhead by Meg Cabot. One checked it out and the other went on the waiting list. The good news is, the first girl read fast. She came back today and said, "Remember yesterday when I checked this out and you said you have Being Nikki?" Well, yes, in fact, I do have Being Nikki. Meg Cabot has asked that reviews of her new book be held until its release date (May 5!) in order to avoid spoilers (which we all HATE!!). But, I can tell you I have read it (and shared it!) and I loved reading more about Em Watts and Nikki Howard. So, come back May 5, 2009 and check it out!
(PS the envelope the book arrived in was stamped with the lovely statement above. I'd like to think so!)


  1. You got a preview of this one? I love Meg Cabot's stuff -- the perfect escape -- and definitely am looking forward to BEING NIKKI after the way AIRHEAD ended!

  2. If I had known you wanted it, I could have sent it a couple weeks ago! Sorry. You'll be able to get it before I get it back to send it to you, I'm guessing. But, I'll hold onto it for you just in case :-)