Thursday, April 2, 2009

"I've turned into a one-episode-only girl."

I've been noticing lately that I have a zombie theme thing going on. I started reading Jailbait Zombie and had to set it aside for another reading obligation. Afterwards, I picked up Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby instead. (I've also been discussing zombies, randomly, with other librarian colleagues lately, especially in regards to the new "Jane Austen" Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).

But Amanda Ashby's book was the perfect zombie choice for me at the moment. It is a YA book, about high school and fitting in. However, how many people can say that they have turned their entire senior class into zombies accidentally by performing a love spell on your date for the prom? At first Mia notices that everyone is being really nice to her (and, being kind of a nerd, she enjoys the attention). Then the new boy in school, Chase, informs her that everyone is literally trying to fatten her up because she is the queen of the zombies she has created . . . which means she is top on their list to eat!

Mia is smart and unlucky. She is a huge fan of Buffy and Angel and has all these ideas about how the zombie curse SHOULD be fixed. But Chase has an inside track to these things and sets about trying to help Mia undo the spell and save the senior class.

This book was published on March 5, 2009.

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  1. K-

    I've got to admit . . . I love the cover on this book. That alone could draw me in!