Monday, April 6, 2009

"The sun will rise tomorrow."

Hannah is invisible. She works hard at staying invisible in order to avoid the reality show that her life has become. Although her parents never married, she still has to deal with her father who is an Internet celebrity, in his seventies, with "special girls" in their late teens and 20's who surround his 24/7 party lifestyle. Her mom uses her former B-list celebrity status to run her own website on which she wears lingerie and chats with her "fans." It makes sense to hide from that kind of chaos.

At the same time, Hannah likes Josh--he's the ideal unattainable boy. Perfect in every way . . . or at least that seems to be the case. They work together at a call center and Hannah has plenty of time to study Josh. He seems so deep and interesting and, for some reason, he starts bringing her little gifts. Could it be that he likes her?

Finn is more of a goofy sidekick. Annoying Hannah by throwing notes at her in class and entertaining her through the boredom of the call center job. He questions Josh's sincerity and depth and tries to help Hannah determine how to handle her crazy circumstances. Is Finn a better match for Hannah?

Though a series of events surrounding Hannah visiting her father, we find out why she chooses to have no contact with him. We also get to see the burden of sadness her mother carries. Will Hannah choose Josh or Finn? Will she remain invisible? Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott was released in March 2009.

PS I received the copy of this book that I reviewed from Elizabeth Scott via the YALSA-BK listserv. This generous donation will be added to my library for my students to enjoy! Thanks, Elizabeth!

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