Monday, March 16, 2009

"She had always had a perverse sense of humor, and it had become even more twisted over the past year . . ."

Jake Wizner's new book, Castration Celebration, is written in the voices of Olivia and Max, two students spending the summer in an arts program at Yale. Before coming to Yale, Olivia walked in on her father in a compromising position with one of his students and has decided to base her summer work, a musical she is writing, on what she thinks should happen to men who cheat--castration. She also swears off boys for the summer. Max, an actor, falls instantly for Olivia and the conflict begins. Much of the book is written as Olivia's musical (including songs!) and the characters she writes mirror herself and her friends in many ways. The language is irreverent and funny, but I did not find it as laugh out loud hilarious as Wizner's first book, Spanking Shakespeare. You will be able to read and judge for yourself when this book is released in May 2009.

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