Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Something tells me it may never truly be over."

Skeleton Creek is the first book in an anticipated series by Patrick Carman, best selling author of the Ahterton trilogy and Land of Elyon series. Honestly, I had never read him before. And at first, I had a hard time with this book because of the typeface. It is all capital letters and I felt like I was moving so slowly though it. BUT then! I was totally sucked in!

This book is really interesting for a number of reasons . . .
First, it is actually a story in 2 parts. You are reading Ryan's part as if he is keeping a journal (hence the all caps). Interspersed in his journal entries are the passwords to see the videos his best friend Sarah is putting up on her website. Yeah. Really. So you go to and enter the right passwords to see the video clips in the right order. Part urban legend, part ghost story, the videos give this a very Blair Witch kind of feel . . . and thats a good thing! There are some cool things on Patrick Carman's website, like a video news reel of how he came up with this idea to marry the book with online content. You can't have one without the other, you need both pieces to get the whole story!

Next reason, its creepy. And I LOVE creepy. When I started reading and watched the first few videos I was a little surprised. Not scared or anything but just impressed by the concept and the execution of the videos.

Final reason (at least as far as this post goes): it makes me not want to wait until October for the next installment! I won't say why (I HATE spoilers!) but I want to know what happens next!

This book was released on February 10, 2009.

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  1. What an interesting concept--from book to online content. I have a lot of Carman fans . . . can't wait to share this series with them!