Sunday, March 22, 2009

"You can overcome your fears, you can change, you can make life into what you've always wanted it to be. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. So hang in."

Marisa wants to date Derek. He's perfect boyfriend material. There's only one problem: he's dating Sierra. Marisa's best friend Sterling has always been there, through boyfriendless nights and a bout with depression, they can count on each other. Nash, Marisa's next door neighbor, was a close friend, but they have drifted apart over the years. Marisa feels lucky because her family is normal--she has happily married parents. What will happen to these relationships throughout the coming school year? Waiting for You by Susane Colasanti, follows Marisa through her Sophomore year of high school. She begins the year with a plan to change herself, to make more friends, and to avoid sinking back into the depression that took over her life a year before. But, what happens when the plans you make don't turn out the way you want them to? What if the things you want aren't as good as you think they will be? Find out when Waiting for You is released on May 14, 2009.

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