Monday, March 2, 2009

"Just breathe. Relax. I can do this."

Heather McElhatton has written her second novel, Jennifer Johnson is Sick of being Single. The plot of which should seem readily discernible. And it is. Jennifer Johnson is a 30 year old living in Minnesota and wishing that she were no longer single. We get to know Jennifer and follow her as she begins dating Brad, the son of the owner of the department store where she works as a copy editor. Will this be the end of Jennifer's single-dom? Will they live happily ever after?
While the cover of this book (which I absolutely LOVED!) might lead you to believe that this is run of the mill chick-lit, it is very dark and much more believable than much of the chick-lit out there. This book is due to be published in May, 2009.

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